If You Are Only as Old as You Feel, How Old Are You?

senior yoga
Senior yoga

A simple checklist by a geriatrician in evaluating your biological age are three questions: How flexible are you? How good is your balance? How strong are your muscles and core?

As our chronological age grows, we slowly lose all three of these capabilities.  How much we lose and at what age has much to do with our lifestyle.  You may have heard that Yoga can help stave off these losses, but there are so many Yoga styles.  Which one can be most effective?

What Benefits Are There for Seniors?

Bikram-style Hatha Yoga is practiced in a hot and humid room under the guidance of a certified and experienced instructor.  The benefits of a regular practice are almost too many to list here.  We suggest that you trust no one but yourself.  Try the practice consistently for four weeks, and we assure you that you will be convinced of all of these benefits.

Old Back pain
Man with Back Pain
  • A Regular Practice Can Heal You.  Honestly.  Stiff and aching joints, back pain, neck pain and other ailments common to seniors show marked improvements from the practice.  The poses carefully work through every joint and muscle in your body.  The Hatha method of contracting and holding the muscles and then releasing sends fresh blood flow and synovial fluids to the joints while strengthening all the supporting muscles around joints. Lymphatic fluids throughout the body are circulated by the postures.  Internal organs are massaged.
  • Build Core Strength and Muscle Strength. A regular practice helps build muscle throughout the body, and especially in muscles supporting joints. The Spine Series of poses, in particular, work on strengthening the supporting muscles up and down the spine, relieving pressure and reducing pain.
  • Improved Flexibility.  Yoga practice in general is known to improve flexibility in joints and tendons.  The Bikram practice works on all joints in the body safely and the warmer temperatures facilitate safety in stretching.
  • Improved Balance.  A series of the poses focus on balancing.  In those poses, supporting muscles are strengthened and the body adjusts to balancing.  Most students see a marked improvement in their balance over time, protecting them from dangerous falls.
  • Improved Mind-Body.  The Bikram-style of Yoga is a actually a moving meditation. Once a student is familiar with the set 26 postures, the mind is able to relax while the body goes through the familiar poses.  The practice becomes familiar and comfortable.
  • Body Cleansing and Flushing. Of course, you will sweat in the heated room.  And that’s a good thing.  Sweating helps to flush glands and skin pores. Compression of the lymphatic glands moves and replenishes fluids.

Hot Yoga and Seniors

What is it about the Bikram style of Yoga that makes it suitable and desirable for seniors?  Radha shares these insights:

  • Safety. The Bikram sequence is specifically designed to be safe for Yoga novices.  The 26 postures were selected because they can each be done to some extent by anyone, and are the least likely to cause an injury. There are no head stands. No arm balances. No poses that can injure a student when they are followed as directed.
  • Heat is Good. Bikram-style Yoga is normally taught in a hot room. The heat helps to loosen tight joints and muscles and facilitates practice of the postures while minimizing risk to the joints.  Students sweat in the heat and that sweat helps clear toxins from the skin and glands.  No student is ever pressured to continue a session if the heat is a problem.  A short rest is usually all that is needed to stay in the class.
  • The Sequence. The postures in Bikram-style beginner’s Yoga are always the same. The sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises were carefully designed to warm up the body and then progress through all the muscle groups and joints.  Each pose has many levels of achievement so that everyone can benefit based on their progress. Each successive pose builds off the previous pose and prepares the body to progress safely.  Think about that – a sequence of ancient Yoga poses, practiced for thousands of years, that has been so carefully tuned, that it is never varied anywhere in thousands of Bikram studios.

Are There Special Classes for Seniors?

The Bikram Beginner Yoga Class was developed so that students of all capabilities could participate.  But if you are intimidated by the hot room and 90-minute class length, Boulder Bikram Yoga offers private sessions to get started.

Studio owner Radha Garcia teaches these sessions with an emphasis on creating a welcoming and safe environment for all.  If you are interested in learning more about these sessions call or text Radha at 303-444-4469.